In line with CCPD’s Strategic Plan, we are seeking support to carry out suitable and sustainable projects to improve the standard of living of women and their families in Togo.


Water & sanitation: access to clean water, education to hygiene practices, water conservation and security, improvement and access to sanitation facilities.


Education & literacy, including computer literacy for adults and children, primary education for all, school supplies, construction of school buildings, leadership development, apprenticeship in girls.


Agriculture training & development, including: small items of equipment, seed, tools, access to markets, business skills development, training in improved agricultural practices, food processing, animal management and post-harvest handling techniques, soil fertility.


Income generation: provision of revolving loan and micro credit schemes, small-scale businesses for women, agricultural income-generating for women’s farm groups.


Environment protection: promotion of agro-forestry, tree planting, conservation and food production, with the development of community-based nursery tree beds.

Well activities