Mission statement

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Our mission is to improve the conditions of life of the women, young girls, children and the underprivileged people living in rural areas, regardless to their religion, gender, through water, sanitation & hygiene agriculture development, environment and education.


1/ Promoting the rights of women, the young and the child

2/ Facilitating the access of rural population to education, primary health care, safe drinking water and basic sanitation

3/Encouraging the creation of income-generating activities to enable farmers' organizations to increase their cash flow

4/ Promoting the food self-sufficiency in rural areas.

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Our Approach


Over the years, CCPD has gained credibility in working with local communities. We do not decide to work with a community unless CCPD receives from its leaders request for help in addressing the needs in their community.

First, we build a relationship with the local community. CCPD provides training to all the leaders to understand the holistic approach of CCPD in carrying out development works.

After that, we carry out a Community Needs Assessment and holds many discussions with the community leaders, women, men, youth, children and relevant consultants to identify appropriate responses to the need.

Then CCPD, in the collaboration with the community, sets up proposals. Before we start any activity, we train volunteers to become our field agents. The community members provide labor, local resources and a small financial contribution if necessary.